Welcome To Evergreen Hall

We are a hall in the centre of Bridgend Town, and a registered charity no. 233402. We host many different events throughout the week, and are primarily here for the over 55’s, hosting such clubs as the Whist Club, Sequence Dancing, and the Bridgend OAP Association.

Thursday afternoons at the Evergreen Hall are for OAPs, all are welcome, especially the young at heart!! Come and join in, look around, get some extra company and make new friends. You will be sure to receive a very warm welcome.

However, as you will also see from our Clubs and Associations page we also host a wide range of activities for the young as well.

If you are looking for a venue in Bridgend in a convenient location, with kitchen facilities, flexibility, friendly staff and atmosphere then we may well be able to help. Here at Evergreen Hall we have rooms of all sizes for hire at very competitive rates. So if you are a large group or a small social gathering, we will be able to accommodate you.

Need more information? Call our welcoming manager Lynda on 01656 661822 for a chat.